Keynote Speakers

Eric Gundersen, CEO of MapBox.  Eric coordinates product and business development, and is passionate about open data and building open source data visualization tools focused on speed and design.

Bibiana McHugh, IT Manager of GIS and Location-Based Service, Portland TriMet. A true instigator, Bibiana started what became Google Transit.  Her team has made nearly all TriMet data accessible for anyone to use and develop on.  She will touch on aspects of making open source successful in government, working with the developer community and open data.

Erek Dyskant, team lead for geospatial analytics development at the Democratic National Committee in 2012. His team built a web-mapping tool that allowed field organizers to explore programmatic activity. Since it was built on an open stack, they also opened the whole stack to the field, allowing people to access the same curated and updated datasets using PostGIS, QGIS, web services, or web browsers. He is passionate about applying data to field decisions and has consulted in the field for global health NGOs.

Paul Morin, Director of the NSF and NASA funded Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota.  He makes maps for Wired, Scientific American and National Geographic and is co-author of “Exploring Geology” one of the best selling introductory geology textbooks.  Morin contributed to David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet and is the US representative for geospatial data to the Antarctic Treaty System.  His group of less than two dozen people are mapping both the Arctic and Antarctic at sub-meter resolution with a combination of open source and proprietary tools, and a lot of imagery.