Student Opportunities

FOSS4G-NA Student Volunteers

To encourage student participation at the FOSS4G-NA Conference this year, a limited number of student volunteer opportunities will be offered. As a volunteer, students will be able to participate in all of the conference activities, but we do ask that you work a couple hours each day. Volunteer tasks may include staffing the registration desk or being a room monitor for a session. You will get a complimentary registration to the conference, but you will still need to get yourself to Minneapolis and find lodging. The details:

Applications are due by April 1, 2013.
Applicants need to be a currently registered, full-time student at a college or university in North America. Volunteers may be asked to confirm their student status.
Volunteer positions will be selected by random drawing. To ensure volunteer opportunities are spread across institutions, only one person from each college or university will be selected until all institutions are represented by one student. For institutions with multiple campuses, each campus will be allowed one student.
All applicants will be notified by email by April 3, 2013 of their status.
If you are selected for a volunteer position, you must confirm that you will attend the conference by April 12, 2013. This will give time for us to contact the next student on the list if you are unable to attend.
Contact with questions.

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FOSS4G-NA Student/Mentor Lunch

This is a chance for seasoned FOSS4G professionals to get together with a student just starting out in the open source world. The mentor and student will get connected for lunch on Wednesday. Mentors can talk about how they got started with FOSS4G, talk about some of their work, and maybe share some advice on how to be successful. Students, here’s your chance to pick the brain of someone working with FOSS4G everyday and pitch that great idea you’ve been working on. We are confident that both the student and mentor are going to learn something.

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